The "10x10x10 Artist's Challenge" & Our Patrick Warren

The "10x10x10 Artist's Challenge" exhibit at the Wailoa Center in Hilo is a unique and inspiring display of creativity. The exhibit challenges artists to use only 10 specific materials to create an installation that will be displayed in a specific space. This challenge encourages artists to explore their own creative process and problem-solve as they transform common household materials into art.


The exhibit started in 2016 with only 10 artists, but it has since grown to include 15 alumni and three new artists, including Patrick Warren, a visual artist living in Kurtistown on the Big Island of Hawaii. Patrick will be showcasing his work "Finn" the whale, which is sure to capture the attention of visitors to the exhibit.

After graduating from Waiakea High School, Patrick joined the U.S Air Force and served as a military police officer for the 740th Missile Squadron at Minot Air Force Base. He later used his GI bill to attend the University of Hawaii at Hilo, where he earned a Bachelor's of Art. Patrick then moved to New York City where he worked as a printmaker at Jungle Press Studios. Despite doing well in the city, the lack of aloha spirit caused Patrick to venture away. His travels eventually led him to Denver where he found work as a picture framer. He eventually moved back to Hilo to help take care of his ailing father and now works for Cunningham Galleries/The Picture Frame Shop. Patrick is dedicated to maintaining a balance between work, art, and fatherhood.

Visitors to the exhibit are invited to witness the pure expression of creativity on display at the main gallery until Thursday, May 25. The participating artists come from all walks of life and backgrounds, including Charlene Asato, Wendy Barske, Lahela Camara, Leigh Critchlow, Janet Dellaria, Bob Douglas, Shelley Hanaoka, Codie King, Jeffery Kurash, Emily Leucht, Trudee Siemann, Karrieanne Warren, Patrick Warren, Jay West, and Robin Worley. Each artist brings their unique perspective and style to the exhibit, resulting in a diverse and fascinating display of art.

The "10x10x10 Artist's Challenge" exhibit is focused on the creative process rather than the final product. This approach encourages artists to learn and adapt as they transform common materials into art. Visitors to the exhibit are sure to be inspired by the ingenuity and creativity on display, and may even be encouraged to try their hand at creating their own art using common household materials.

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