How To Measure A Picture Frame

Framing pictures is a fun way to display your favorite photos. You can frame just about any kind of picture, from nature scenes to kid pictures to selfies!

Framing pictures has become more and more popular as people become aware of the increasing value of art. More and more, people are investing in framed photographs instead of traditional artwork.

It is now possible to buy pre-made frames or kits that allow you to make your own framed photos. These are great for professionals and amateurs alike as it is an affordable way to display your work.

There are several ways to determine the size of frame you need for your picture or photograph. This article will discuss some of these measures and how to get them correctly!

First, we will discuss how to measure the inside dimensions of the frame so your picture fits perfectly.

Find a ruler with millimeter markings

how to measure a picture frame

The first step in measuring a frame is to find a ruler with millimeter markings. You can also use a ruler with inches, but you will need to do some conversion.

Most rulers have eight millimeters per each inch, so one inch is equal to two millimeters. You can also find a ruler that has ten millimeters per each cm, which would make one inch equal five millimeters.

If you have a picture frame that is twenty centimeters wide, you would measure twenty times two millimeters, or forty centimeters. If you have an image that is twenty inches wide, you would measure twenty times two millicles, or forty inches.

The next step in measuring a picture frame is to find the inner dimensions of the frame. These are the measurements of where the image will go and how big it will be. These measurements depend on the size of the image being put in the frame.

Measure the length of your frame

how to measure a picture frame

Before you go to the store to buy your frame, you need to know what size picture you will put in it. You can either have the picture printed at a print shop or take your own photo.

If you have a friend or family member who likes to take pictures, ask if you can take their photo and use it for your new picture frame. It is a nice gesture and saves you money on having to go to a print shop.

The width of the picture frame depends on the style of frame and what picture you have. Generally, wider frames can hold larger pictures, but that is not always true.

The depth of the frame depends on how close you want the picture to appear when it is hung on the wall.

Measure the width of your frame

how to measure a picture frame

Once you have picked out your frame, you will need to determine what the width of the frame will be. You can do this one of two ways.

The first way is to measure the picture or poster that will be going in the frame. Once you have measured the picture or poster, subtract about an inch and a half on each side to account for the mounting tape that will be on the back of the picture when it is mounted in the frame.

The second way is to measure the inside edge to inner edge of the frame. Some frames are shaped differently than others, so this may be a more accurate way to determine the width.

Measure the depth of your frame

how to measure a picture frame

When measuring a frame, you will need to measure the depth or width of the frame including the framing material. You will also need to measure the picture or poster to know how much space is between them.

The width of your picture plus the space between the picture and the frame edge is what you will mark on your backing material. A good tip is to lay your backing material on a flat surface and trace around your picture with a pencil.

Then measure how thick your framing material is and add that to the length of your tracing. This way, you will have enough room for your picture to be displayed beautifully!

Once you have measured and prepared your frame, it is time to lay down some glue! Make sure to use enough glue for security, but not so much that it gets all over everything.

Add all of your dimensions together

how to measure a picture frame

Once you have all of your dimensions, you can start measuring your picture frame. First, measure the width of the frame – this is usually the length of the frame + the lip on either side.

Then, measure the height of the frame – this is typically just the front piece that shows the picture. Lastly, measure the depth of the frame – this is just how deep the back part of the frame is.

Now that you have all of these dimensions, you can combine them to get your final size. Most frames are a standard size for pictures depending on what size picture it holds. For example, a small picture frame may be 8 x 10 inches, so all small frames are 80 square inches in size.

To make sure yours is accurate, check it against a ruler to see if it is within reasonable proportions to an actual small frame.

Divide by pi to get the radius

how to measure a picture frame

Once you have the width and height of your picture, you can calculate the diameter of the frame. To do this, divide the width of the picture by three and then subtract half the width of the picture frame. This will give you the radius of the inner part of the frame.

For example, if your picture is 8 inches by 10 inches and the frame is 2 inches wide, then 8 divided by 3 is 2 and 10 minus 2 is 8. The radius of your picture is 8 centimeters, or about 3 inches.

You can also use this formula to check that your frame fits properly. If you have a frame that is 10 centimeters wide and you want to make sure the picture fits properly, divide 10 by three to get 3 centimeters for the radius of the inner part of the frame. Check that it fits your picture!

Frame shopping tip: frames are usually priced based on their diameter, not their length.

Use a formula to find the circle diameter

how to measure a picture frame

When picking out a frame, you may be curious how to determine the size of the frame relative to the picture. Luckily, this is easy to figure out!

Frame sizes are measured in what is called a circle diameter. This is the length of a line that connects two points on a circle, or the width of the space that the picture will sit in.

There are several formulas you can use to find the circle diameter of a picture frame, and they are all simple to do. Once you know one, you can easily apply it to any other frame size.

The easiest formula is to take the length of the picture and multiply it by two. Then take that number and divide it by nine. The final number is the diameter of the frame inside of which your picture will fit comfortably.

You can also take your length of the picture and multiply it by two, then take that number and divide it by three. The last number is the circle diameter of your frame.

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