Scott Gorrell

"Pueo in 'Ōhi'a" - Scott Gorrell

$12,000.00 USD

"Pueo in 'Ōhi'a", by Scott Gorrell

Paper sculpture, framed

Framed dimensions 34.25" high x 42.25" wide

The Hawaiian short-eared owl, a subspecies to the short-eared owl found on the mainland, is the only owl endemic to Hawai'i.  Unlike most owls, the pueo is diurnal (active during the day). It lives on all the main islands.  This paper sculpture features layers of intricately cut and pressed archival paper to achieve a stunning three-dimensional effect.  

Scott Gorrell makes his home in Pa'auilo on the Big Island.  Please look for more of Scott's artwork at, on Facebook at Scott Gorrell Fine & Commercial Art, and Instagram at scottgorrellart.

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