Scott Gorrell

"Naupaka & Kaui" Print - Scott Gorrell

$130.00 USD

"Naupaka & Kaui", Print by Scott Gorrell

Print height: 16"

Print width: 20"

Archival Cannon Lucia pigmented inks on acid-free fine art paper print.

There are several versions of the Hawaiian legend explaining this "half flower", one variety growing in the mountains, the other on the seashore.  Here is one: The beautiful princess Naupaka met the handsome fisherman Kaui and they fell in love.  Soon after the fire godess Pele met Kaui and decided she wanted him for herself.  She became enraged when he told her he was already in love with Naupaka and chased the lovers with fire and lava.  Naupaka took the flower from her hair and tore it in tow, giving one half to Kaui.  Naupaka then fled to the mountains while Kaui fled to the seashore.  The other godesses took pity on the lovers and turned them into each half of the flower so they would remain as one although apart.

Scott's paper sculptures feature layers of intricately cut and pressed archival paper to achieve a stunning three-dimensional effect.    

Scott Gorrell makes his home in Pa'auilo on the Big Island.  Please look for more of Scott's artwork at, on Facebook at Scott Gorrell Fine & Commercial Art, and Instagram at scottgorrellart.

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