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"The Relationship Between Human & Nature - Field"

$3,500.00 USD

"The Relationship Between Human & Nature - Field"

/ Mixed media on paper

By Byoung Yong Lee, 1984

Byoung Yong Lee received his BFA in Fine Arts from Hong-Ik University, Seoul in 1973 and his MFA from New York's Pratt Institute in 1986. Lee's work combines the painterly abstraction predominant in Paris in the 1950's with a traditional Korean emphasis on technique.

Partial List of Exhibitions: 1972: National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, Korea; 1974: Independants, Seoul, Korea; 1974: Seoul Biennial, National Museum of Modern Art; 1976: 20 Years of Korean Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea; 1978: 10 Conceptual Artists, Tae-in Gallery, Seoul, Korea 1980: Printmaking and Drawing of Korea, National Museum of Korea, Seoul; 1982: Korean Artist Abroad, National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul; 1985: Impact, Kyoto, Japan; 1985: British International Print Biennal, Bradford, England; 1986: New York's Current Korean Art, Gallery Korea, New York; 1988: Contemporary Korean Art, Total Art Museum, Seoul, Korea; 1988: Korean Artists from the Greater New York Area, Alpine Gallery, NY.


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