Sammie Morse

"Colorful Palm" - Rod Cameron

$18,700.00 USD

"Colorful Palm", by Rod Cameron

Oil on canvas

Image size: 34" wide x 80" high

Says the artist, "It is said that art is a light that never goes out.  As a young boy, I experienced the Pieta and just then, suddenly I knew that this was a light that I wanted to carry somehow; that life without it would be a mistake.

I practiced and studied and enjoyed almost every minuet.  Partly self taught, but also going through the LA city colleges and on to prestigious art schools such as The Otis Art Institue in Los Angeles and The Art Students League of New York.  I also apprenticed for one year with Keith Ward in his Palm Springs Studio learning the ways of ala prima and Plein air painting.  In general I made my own opportunities, working in advertising, illustrating children's books and packaging.  During this time, I founded East/West Arts an agency with clients such as The Los Angeles Times, Hasbro and Warner Brothers Studio.  Finally, in 2001, I began a true fine art career, moving to Hawai'i and establishing Beach Road Studio.

It has been the ultimate privilege to work in this field for my entire life, in some small way holding that light that I feel is so important. Besides, how else might I have the time to sit around daydreaming about clouds, and trees, the forms of nature and all of the beauty of the world?

Thank you, to you and to all of those that have collected my paintings making this journey possible."

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