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Chart of the Isle Othaeite

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Chart of the Isle Othaeite By Captain Cook

  • Image Opening Height: 9.5"
  • Image Opening Width: 8 3/4"
  • Matting Height: 20"
  • Matting Width: 24"

This historic engraving is from Captain James Cook and George William Anderson's A New, Authentic, and Complete Account of Voyages Round the World, Undertaken and Performed by Royal Authority. Containing a New, Authentic, Entertaining, Instructive, Full & Complete Historical Account of Captain Cook's First, Second, Third, and Last Voyages. The Whole of these Voyages of Capt. James Cook, &c. being Newly written by the Editors from the Authentic Journals of Several Principal Officers and other Gentlemen of the most Distinguished Naval and Philosophical Abilities, who sailed in the Various Ships, and now publishing under the Immediate Direction of. Assisted, Very Materially, by a Principal Officer who sailed in the Resolution Sloop, and by Many Other Gentlemen of the Royal Navy. The work was published in London by Alexander Hogg between 1784 and 1786.This work was one of the best compilations of Cookâ s voyages with very fine engravings. It was produced as an affordable alternative to the larger Cook set so that all people could learn about the important voyages and discoveries."The famous accounts of Captain Cook's three voyages form the basis for any collection of Pacific books. In three great voyages Cook did more to clarify the geographical knowledge of the southern hemisphere than all his predecessors had done together. He was really the first scientific navigator and his voyages made great contributions to many fields of knowledge" (Hill)."Cook earned his place in history by opening up the Pacific to western civilization and by the foundation of British Australia. The world was given for the first time an essentially complete knowledge of the Pacific Ocean and Australia, and Cook proved once and for all that there was no great southern continent, as had always been believed. He also suggested the existence of antarctic land in the southern ice ring, a fact which was not proved until the explorations of the nineteenth century." (Printing and the Mind of Man p.135) --- The work is very good to excellent condition overall. There may be a few imperfections to be expected with age. Please review the image carefully for condition and contact us with any questions.

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