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20th C. Hawaiian Carved Mango Wood Calabash

$525.00 USD

20th C. Hawaiian Carved Mango Wood Calabash

Size: 9.7" diameter x 5" high

A wonderful, hand-carved mango wood bowl calabash - a serving bowl named for a gourd and made from hardwood in Hawaii - presenting a planar base and smooth walls that rise to an annular rim.  The form is nicely complemented by toffee-hued woodgrain with natural caramel, chocolate, and espresso striations.  Hawaiian royalty often valued specific calabashes - even going so far as to name them after royal individuals - and until the early 19th century they were reserved for elites in society.  Traditionally, calabashes were made with stone and coral tools, carved from koi milo and kaman trees.  A sumptuous and finely carved example!

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