How To Screw D-rings & Tie Wire On A Picture Frame

Cunningham GalleryPicture frames are a nice way to add some color to your home. You can frame pictures of you and your loved ones, special places you’ve been, or even just cool designs you find online.

Typically, picture frames have two main pieces- the frame itself and the backing. The frame is the piece that surrounds the picture and is what design is seen. The backing is what attaches to the frame itself and holds in the picture or artwork.

The backing typically uses D-rings or wire to attach to the frame. These require different ways of screwing them on so we will discuss both here!

Some people have difficulty screwing in the D-rings or wire onto the frame. If you are having trouble, read this article to learn some tips on how to do it correctly.

Find the perfect picture frame

how to screw d-rings & tie wire on a picture frame

Now that you have your picture, you need a frame to put it in. A picture frame is a piece of material that has an outer edge or surface that supports the image or photograph placed inside it.

There are many types of frames, but most fall into two categories: conventional and unconventional. Conventional frames are those that use the traditional shape—a rectangular outer edge with rounded corners.

Unconventional frames use different shapes, like a square or a heart. You can even use wire shaped like a letter to hold your photograph instead of using a conventional inner frame.

When choosing your frame, look for one that is sturdy and will last. Pay close attention to the corners of the inner frame as these are more susceptible to breaking. Choose one that is made of strong material such as wood or plastic.

Beware of metal frames as these can be heavy and difficult to hang on the wall.

Measure the frame

how to screw d-rings & tie wire on a picture frame

Before you go to the hardware store to buy the materials, you need to measure your picture frame. You want to make sure you get the right size rings and wire for your frame.

First, measure the inside of the frame where the picture will go. Then, measure the outside of the frame, including the thickness of the wood. Calculate how much more space you want between the picture and the ring or wire- this is called spacing!

At your hardware store, find rings and wire that are slightly bigger than your calculated sizes. This is so that you can put on a secure ring or wire layer, and have a little room to work with when putting it on.

Go to the hardware store

how to screw d-rings & tie wire on a picture frame

Once you have decided on the frame and the pictures you want to put in it, you will need to get some materials to put it all together. You will need wire to tie the frame together, D-rings or eyelets to hang the picture, and fishing line or heavy-duty thread to hang it.

Going to the hardware store will help you find these materials at a reasonable price. The staff at the hardware store will also help you find what you need and tell you what is best for your project.

At the hardware store, you can find different types of wire depending on how sturdy you want your hanging device to be. You can also find different types of hooks and rings depending on what images you want to hang and how you want to hang them.

At the hardware store, there are usually employees who are trained to help people like us make our projects at an affordable price.

Pick your paint color

how to screw d-rings & tie wire on a picture frame

Once you have decided on your color, you can start rolling on the paint. Depending on how many coats you want, this can take a few hours to a few days!

The best way to avoid painting over old paint is to use a paint remover. This can be bought at most hardware stores for an average price of $20-$30.

Paint removers work by breaking down the previous paint layers so that the new paint can stick to the surface. A downside to using too much is that it can break down the surface of the wood, so use just enough to get rid of the old paint!

After letting it dry, you are ready to roll.

Paint your d-rings and tie wire

how to screw d-rings & tie wire on a picture frame

After you have screwed in your d-rings and tied your wire, it is time to hang your picture frame. To do this, you will need to put the picture frame on the wall, then put the backing on the frame and push it up to the wall.

Then you will take your knotted wire and pull some through one of the rings, then pull some excess through the other ring. You will do this by pulling on each end of the wire until it is taut between the two rings.

Then you will take some painter’s tape (or any kind of tape that will stick well) and paint it one color. Then take another piece of tape and lay it across the top of the painter’s tape to create a line. Add more painter’s tape above and below this line until you have covered all of the exposed painter’s tape.

Take your glue gun and glue down any exposed areas of painter’s tape.

Set it on a table to dry

how to screw d-rings & tie wire on a picture frame

Once the frame is fully lined and glued, you can set it on a table to dry. Drying can take several hours or even a few days, depending on how thick the glue is and how much you let it soak in.

While it dries, the frame is not very sturdy, so try not to mess with it too much until it is dry. Try hanging it on the wall as is until it is dry, then you can move around the wires to hang it.

Once it is dry, try picking it up by the hanging wire to make sure it does not break.

Measure how long you need your tie wire to be

how to screw d-rings & tie wire on a picture frame

After you have screwed in your D-rings and tightened the frame, it is time to add the tie wire. Make sure your frame is flat on the ground, or have someone help you hold it while you attach the wire.

To attach the wire, twist a short length of wire around one ring, then thread it through the other ring. Pull tightly and twist the ends to secure. Make sure to double check that the frame is not wobbly!

Once all of the wires are attached, tuck any extra wire under the frame so that it looks neat and professional. This is an easy way to ensure that your picture frame is sturdy and will last.

Cut both ends of the tie wire so they are straight

how to screw d-rings & tie wire on a picture frame

Now it is time to attach the wire to the frame. You can either screw the D-rings to the frame and then tie the wire to the ring, or you can tie the wire directly to the frame.

If you choose to attach the wire directly to the frame, then you must first drill a small hole in the middle of the frame where you want the wire attached. Then, pull some of the wires outward and wrap some of the wire around a pencil so that it forms a circle. Pull all of these wires so that they are tight and then push a sharp pointy object through all of them so that they connect.

Then, take some more of the tie wire and wrap it around this pointy object so that it stays in place. Finally, take your picture frame down to your local hardware store and buy some wood glue.

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