How To Frame A Picture With A Mat

Framing pictures is a great way to add a little something extra to any picture. It can add a little bit of color or emphasis to the picture, like how a photo album puts emphasis on the pictures.

Framing pictures is more than just hanging a picture on the wall with a mount. It is using a frame and mat together to enhance the picture.

There are many places you can get frames and mats, and they range in price. You can either buy them new or used, and you can find affordable ones at stores like Walmart or Amazon or high-end ones at places like Sephora or museum stores.

Framing pictures is an art itself.

Find your mat colors

how to frame a picture with a mat

Choosing your mat color is the first step in framing your picture. You can choose your mat color based on what colors are in the picture, what colors you like, or what colors fit into your room or house.

White is a great starting mat color as it can be adjusted to match any picture. Other neutral colors, like black or gray, work well, too. If you have a picture with lots of red or orange tones, then red velvet fabric makes a great starting mat.

You can also choose two colors that go well together and use those as your mat colors. This is a great way to showcase other colors used in the picture or emphasize something else.

Pick your mat colors

how to frame a picture with a mat

Choosing your mat color is the first step in framing your picture. You can choose a color that matches the person being framed, their favorite color, or choose a color theme for the picture.

For example, if the picture was taken at sunset, then a golden orange mat would be appropriate. If the person in the picture loves blue, then a navy or teal mat would be nice.

Some artists prefer to have no mat at all, and instead have the picture placed on canvas. This requires more artistic skill to frame, as the canvas has to be stitched into the frame. Some artists even have their paintings on canvas with painted edges to make it look more realistic.

If you are having difficulty deciding, check with your local art stores to see what they use! Many supply stores carry quality mats at reasonable prices.

Choose a paint color for the frame

Once you have chosen your frame, you will need to choose a color for the frame itself. The color of the frame will typically match the painted scene or portrait in the picture being framed.

Sometimes a black or grey frame is used to draw attention to the picture instead. A neutral color like black or grey can also be used if the picture is already in those colors.

When choosing a paint color for your frame, think about what color would look best with your picture and are easy to get/affordable. Some sites sell frames that are already painted in a particular color, so check those out!

Once you have decided on your paint color, get some primer to prevent the paint from bleeding through the surface of the frame.

Buy the materials needed

how to frame a picture with a mat

To create a framed picture, you will need a picture to put in the frame, a frame, a background or called a mat to put the picture on, and glue to attach the mat to the frame.

There are many places to buy each of these items. You can buy pictures from an artist or art gallery, frame from art or hardware stores, mats at art stores or online, and glue from any store that sells craft supplies.

The best places to buy these items depend on what kind of deal you are looking for. Art galleries may have higher quality pictures but may not have the best price. Online sellers may have better prices but may not be trustworthy.

Buying from local sellers may be more expensive due to the cost of living in that area, but you are more likely to get high quality items because the seller knows they are worth it.

Measure and mark the picture

how to frame a picture with a mat

First, measure the width of the picture frame. Then, measure the length of the picture, including the size of the image.

You will need to account for the extra space required to hang and display the picture. You will need to make sure you cut the mat large enough to cover the entire picture with some overlap.

Next, use a ruler to mark where you will cut the mat based on these measurements. Make sure not to put it too close to the edge or it may tear when framing the picture.

If your frame does not have inner dimensions that are as large as the outside dimensions of your picture, you may have to choose a different frame or alter this one so that it does.

Cover it in plastic

how to frame a picture with a mat

Once you have your picture in the right place, it is time to cover your picture in plastic. You can purchase clear plastic at most hardware stores, or you can use plastic grocery bags.

The trick is to lay the picture on the mat, then pull the plastic over the front of the picture, then pull it through and around the edges to seal it. Then cut off any excess with a scissors.

This piece of advice comes from The Polished Picture, and she emphasizes how important it is. If you do not cover your picture in plastic, your frame may end up looking like this one:

Awww! It looks like some sort of creepy arachnid!

The Polished Picture explains that this happens because glue gets stuck in the cracks of the frame. When you put in the glass, it sticks to some of that glue and gets pulled off when you take out the glass later.

Put it in the frame with the mat

how to frame a picture with a mat

Once you have picked out your frame and mat, it is time to put it all together. This part can be a little tricky, so here are some tips to do it right every time!

First, lay your picture in the frame so that the front of the picture is flush with the front of the frame. Then, line up the back of the picture with the back of the frame.

Next, tuck in any extra picture material so that it is flush with the inside edge of the frame. This can be done by pulling on the material using your hands.

Then, lay down the mat in between the picture and the glass. The mat should be woven side down so that it matches up with the pattern on the front of the mat.

Paint it with the brush strokes shown below

how to frame a picture with a mat

Framed pictures are a nice way to add some color to your home. Whether it is your own pictures or bought ones, they are a great investment. You can never have enough pictures!

Pictures are a fun way to express yourself. You can paint your pictures in different styles depending on your mood. Some people even paint in different colors depending on their mood. It is totally okay to do this as long as you like the end result!

There are two main parts of a picture that you can frame: the picture itself and the frame itself. Both play an important role in the look of the finished piece.

To frame a picture with a mat, first measure your picture using tape to see how large it is. Then, buy a frame that is slightly larger than that size. Next, buy a mat that is slightly thicker than the picture itself.

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