How To Frame A Picture From Your Phone

Framing pictures is a fun way to show off your pictures. There are many ways to frame a picture, and there are many ways to do it yourself.

There are several resources available to you online where you can find instructions on how to frame pictures yourself. Google is your friend here!

Many people have success framing their photos in wooden frames. These can be bought at hardware stores or online where they are cheaper. Amazon has some great deals on wood frames!

The best part about framing photos yourself is that you can choose what style frame you want and what colors you like, so you can make it yours. You also get to choose how you lay out the picture in the frame, which adds a little personal touch.

Open the app you use to edit pictures

There are a lot of apps out there that claim to be the best for editing pictures. Some of the most popular ones are PicMonkey, Photoshop Mobile, VSCO, and Camera+).

All of these have free versions that give you a limited number of features to edit pictures with. That is a good way to test them out and see which one you like best!

Camera+ is free for iOS devices, but it requires an additional paid feature to edit your pictures. The same goes for Photoshop Mobile- it has some features that require payment.

PicMonkey is the least expensive of all of these at $4.

Select the picture

After you have taken the picture, you will need to select the picture you want to use. You can do this by doing any of the following: going to the camera roll, looking for the most recent pictures taken, or taking a picture again if it was not perfect.

Many camera apps have a feature that automatically saves the last photo as a picture save. Make sure to check if this is a feature of your camera app! This can save you time when framing as you do not have to go back and take another picture.

Once you have selected the picture, go to your phone gallery and find the picture that you want to frame. Tap on the image and press save to copy it to your clipboard.

Crop the picture

how to frame a picture from your phone

Once you have taken your picture, you can edit it. Many apps have some form of editing feature, and almost all social media apps have their own editing features.

Most photo editing apps offer some level of cropping capability. If not, you can always use the camera roll on the phone to crop the picture.

By cropping the picture, you are able to focus in on what you want to show off. This can make for a more interesting picture that draws attention to what is special about it.

By cropping out things in the background or off to the side, you can emphasize what is in the front. By focusing in on one thing, it looks more impressive and draws attention to it.

It is also nice to know that if you take a picture that is not perfect, you can edit some of the flaws.

Move the corners around to fit the frame

how to frame a picture from your phone

Once you have zoomed in and positioned your phone to capture the whole picture, it is time to take the picture.

Once the picture is taken, you can use your app to move the corners of the framed image to fit the picture. This can be done by tapping and dragging each corner.

Some apps have a feature that lets you take pictures in a square shape, which makes it easier to fit all shapes and sizes of pictures into frames. Try both and see which you like better!

Once you have framed your picture, send it to either social media or print it out at home or at a store.

Tap “save” and choose your frame

how to frame a picture from your phone

Once you have saved your picture to your phone, you can frame it! Tap the image and then tap the “save” button.

The app will take you to the edit screen where you can adjust the brightness, color, and shape of the image. These are optional features, but can be fun to play with.

To frame the image, tap the paint bucket icon and then select “save to camera roll.” This will take you back to your camera roll where you can choose which picture to use.

Hang it up!

how to frame a picture from your phone

Once you have your picture framed, hang it up in your home or give it as a gift. There are many ways to display pictures now, so find one you like!

If you have an Instagram account, you can use the app to directly upload pictures to a service that sells prints. You can also use Photoshop or another editing program to edit your picture and then upload it to a print site.

Instagram has a feature that allows you to post direct to hangable canvas prints. This is a great way to display your picture as it is printed on a canvas for durability. You can also order different sizes depending on how big of a picture you want.

There are many places that sell cheap frames so that you do not have to buy an expensive one for your photo size. You can find nice, cheap frames at places like Target or Walmart.

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